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Connectrans Is Revolutionizing the Broker & Carrier Industry Through People, Process and Technology

Connectrans has partnered with FourKites to advance our philosophy of developing, implementing and managing innovative transportation management programs on behalf of our customer base which consists of large enterprise shippers throughout North America. Using FourKites, Connectrans has been able to grant our customers end-to-end visibility into not only the real-time location of a shipment, but also the lifecycle of that load. This, in turn, provides our customers with critical information that helps them make impactful business decisions and effectively collaborate with their supply chain partners.

Core among these business improvements was the ability to make proactive decisions and plans throughout the business. Though many Connectrans clients have strong contingency planning already in place, their processes are often highly reactive, without strong real-time data to rely upon. When augmented with FourKites data, however, these contingency planning procedures can often be enacted before disruptions even occur, let alone before they impact productivity.

Improved Efficiency for Customers and Carriers

One of our primary goals with FourKites was to reduce operational inefficiencies and better align with service partners. One very important result of better visibility at all ends of a shipment’s journey is that it allows companies to safely reduce the number of touch points an order must go through, enabling them to reprioritize internal resources and process increased order volumes more precisely and at lower cost. Not only does this make it easier to spot inefficiencies and identify areas for improvement, but it also fosters a higher degree of trust between both parties. Internally, it means Connectrans can spend more time focusing on customer care and building strategies that align with customer needs. Externally, it offers the opportunity to work more closely with carrier partners to detect issues before they occur and mitigate potential delays. Particularly for the smaller midsized fleets that Connectrans partners with, this gives them the ability to better plan future shipments and avoid cancelations, which in turn drives improved bottom-line performance.

Visibility data and analytics have become key elements of our customer business review sessions. During these sessions we highlight the key areas of operation, such as miles driven, along with other empirical data, to demonstrate how we have been working collectively with our carrier partners to reduce their carbon footprint. In this way, FourKites data validates the company’s efforts to achieve carbon neutrality, build a more sustainable supply chain, and reduce the transportation industry’s overall impact on the environment.

For more information on how Connectrans is working with FourKites to enhance the performance of our customers and carriers please see the link below.

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