What's the consensus surrounding the use of technology?

Those transportation and logistics companies embracing it will remain relevant and move in a new, business-savvy world of work; one which facilitates business transactions collectively.Connectrans has positioned itself as a leader in providing technology-based supply chain tools that add critical value to our suite of transportation management solutions. Our recent investments in integrating Trimble and FourKites is a demonstration of our continual commitment to providing our customers with an exceptional experience.


Trimble's industry-leading TruckMate TMS is the innovative platform that is backed by decades of experience in the transportation industry and built using both industry and technical best practices. Connectrans has selected the TruckMate software solution to enable more effective information sharing and help avoid delays and costly misunderstandings. Without the ability to foster successful communication and collaboration between ourselves, our customers and carrier partners there are financial and other consequences. Using this application to make good decisions, based on accurate information and a set of standard business rules, can help avoid potential challenges as they may arise.


The TM4Web interface is a live connection to the TruckMate TMS for load tracking and shipment visibility. Connectrans has incorporated the application into our value-stack with one purpose in mind: to streamline communication between ourselves and our customers. Registering on TruckMate's web-based, self-service portal will allow us to share critical information and updates with out shipping partners in real time.

Quick Trace

Quick Trace allows you to quickly track your shipment and does not require a user account. Simply use your Pro number, Bill of Lading number, Booking number, Custom numbers or Purchase order to find out the tracked location of your shipment.


Supply chain visibility software is a technology solution that was developed to optimize supply chain logistics by combining real-time tracking of shipments with integrated operations and analytics capabilities. The FourKites' proprietary tracking algorithm uses real-time data from a robust GPS, ELD and telematics network, and combines it with historical machine learning analytics to generate the most accurate arrival times possible. By applying new advances in machine learning to rich data sources, Connectrans' customers can quickly achieve the logistical excellence they need to satisfy their customer's demanding requirements.