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Connectrans Delivers to Help Save a Stranded Customer

Connectrans was recently approached by one of their customers, a leading player in the automotive / truck aftermarket parts industry, whose freight was stranded when their current carrier announced they were shutting down their operation effective that morning.

Knowing Connectrans is recognized in the managed transportation industry as a Cross Border Specialist, the customer was hoping that the Connectrans team could help resolve their precarious situation and mitigate any operational and manufacturing impacts their customer would potentially experience as a result of a delayed delivery of vital components.

Connectrans worked closely with their broad carrier network to resolve the customer’s immediate need, but more importantly, developed a long term solution to ensure that this situation would be prevented in the future.

The customer’s primary concern that a “revolving door” of carriers would be utilized to manage the shipment volume as is common in the brokered transportation industry, was dispelled. The solution was structured by contracting a single carrier with an expansive asset pool ideally located within their trading market. This provided the customer with the confidence of consistency and a key single point of contact.

Disaster averted!

In recognition of their sense of urgency efforts and a “customer first” approach, Connectrans was awarded a significant proportion of their cross border business, solidifying relationships and establishing a high level of confidence knowing that in making just one call…Connectrans Has Them Covered.

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